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Drive Safely in Your Lincoln on Your Daily Commutes

Remember before you step behind the wheel of a car that you are taking on a huge responsibility. You are surely trying to get to your destinations safely. To help with this, put away the cell phone and smart watches. Those messages can wait until you have gotten safely parked at your destination. The safety of yourself and those in and not in your vehicle is important...

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Do It Yourself Roadside Emergency Kit

There may not be any way to predict that you're going to be in a car accident or if your car is going to break down on the side of the road on you. What you can do, however, is possess a variety of things to help you get out of that situation more easily. These items listed below should help you when you run into those unforeseen situations...

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Should You Lease Or Buy Your Next Car?

Cars are a great convenience. However, it is important to realize that they are also a financial burden. Here is a way to ease the financial burden. Decide to either lease or buy your next car. Certainly, a family with kids that drives the kids to school daily or commutes back and forth to work are probably better off purchasing a car. However, there is a middle ground of people to consider that do not fit that category.

Leasing Vs Buying
If you buy the car, you own the car. Leasing gives you the privilege of driving the car for…
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Preventative Care for Your Car

Vehicle maintenance is extremely important for a number of reasons. When your vehicle is in good shape, you can avoid costly repairs. Getting your car tuned up often can also make the vehicle safer to drive.

One of the most important parts of vehicle maintenance is getting the oil changed. The oil in your car should be a medium brown color and have a thin consistency to it. The older the oil is, the darker and thicker it becomes. The oil also loses its ability to lubricate the engine overtime, which can cause overheating.

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Keeping your new ride – NEW!

Remember the first time you started your new car? The purr of the engine? The feeling of power? The manufacturer has the secret to keeping the engine in shape. It is called the routine maintenance schedule. It is the part of the owner’s manual that details how to care for your investment.

While your car was still on the drawing board, the manufacturer decided which services your car needed and when. Oil changes are not only the most straightforward of all of the items on the recommended maintenance list, they are also the most vital.

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View our Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Inventory in Oxnard!

When you visit our new vehicle inventory at Vista Lincoln of Oxnard, one of its attributes that will strike you is the lineup of Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Sedans. So often when we think about what a luxury car should be, the key points that come to mind are modern exterior designs and elegant interior layouts built with high-grade materials like wood-grain panels and leather seating materials. Other characteristics of our prototypical luxury vehicle concern its performance capabilities. For we expect large 

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How Lincoln sets itself Apart

Shopping for a new luxury car bring many options to the table. The big one is obvious, the car. You need to make sure you are buying the best car for you, but when the cars you like are very similar how you can make your decision. With Lincoln you have the option to purchase your next car through the Lincoln Black Label, the Ultimate Expression of Design and Personal Service which gives you unheralded luxuries during the purchase and ownership of your new luxury vehicle.

Your experience will begin the moment you decide to schedule an appointment with one…

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